The Campus District

  My first assignment for The Campus District Observer was an enlightening one.  It gave me an opportunity to explore an area of Cleveland that, as someone who works in the area, was largely written off as depressed or neglected.  What I found were busy students, artists, and residents who lived in an area in transition.  When a few friendly passersby asked what I was doing taking pictures on the street, their eyes lit up in genuine surprise and delight that there would be a neighborhood newspaper coming.

  After moving here from a small town in Summit County six years ago, I've always thought if there was one thing Cleveland needs to bring it back to its feet, that would be "community".  People working together to make their place of work, education, residence, or recreation a better place to be.  The common interest for the common good.  Of course it will take more than a small periodical to accomplish that goal, but it's a good start.

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